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american snacks at Auntie Ammie's

Think you know everything about American Snacks? Well think again! And feast your eyes on an American snacker’s paradise.

1. A Load of Baloney

The word “Baloney” actually comes from the Italian “Bologna”. This is a large smoked sausage made from beef, veal and pork. Simply slice your baloney, fry it, then layer between 2 slices of white bread. A guilty pleasure among American snacks for American snackers!

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Yes, yes, we all know about these American snacks. But Americans take their peanut butter very seriously! They have so many brands over there! If they can’t get their favourite brand over here they can get grumpy! It’s the jelly that confuses us though. It’s really just solid jam without the bits. For authentic peanut butter in your American snacks try Reese’s Creamy Peanut Butter. If you want American jelly UK style Auntie Ammie’s has a wide range of America’s equivalent, Jell-O.

3. Extra Cheetos

We have Cheetos here, for sure. And Auntie Ammie’s carries several varieties. But there are literally loads of other flavours! We have Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot. Cheetos Puffs and Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeño Crunchy. But for more Cheetos American snacks there’s Fantastix Chili Cheese Flavour. Or for something extra Cheetos XXXtra Flamin’ Hot. You get the picture!

4. The Beef Jerkey Challenge

Beef Jerkey is right up there when it comes to classic American snacks! This consists of thinly sliced strips of smoked filet mignon beef trimmed of fat. Filet mignon being American for fillet of beef. At least original beef jerkey is, like Jack Links Beef Jerkey Original. However, it can be spicy and savoury or sweet and tangy. It can be steeped in maple syrup and bourbon or be hamburger beefy.  For a taste of the orient there is Soy Van Verdi Teriyaki. Challenge your beef jerkey tastebuds!

5. Smooth as Velveeta!

Talking of hamburgers (no, those are far too obvious!) we move to the cheese in cheeseburger. Velveeta Cheese is a much loved all-American snacks processed cheese. It comes in a block just asking to be sliced! It’s therefore perfect in a burger or any sandwich. Hot or cold! For immediate cheeseburger satisfaction pop a tube of Cheeseburger Pringles!!

6. When is a Mars Bar not a Mars Bar?

All three of the following are available in the UK. But if you’re an American looking for familiar American snacks you may not know it! So the answer is, when it’s a Milky Way! And a UK Milky Way is a 3 Musketeers Stateside. Confused? You soon will be! A Baby Ruth can be found by the savvy American tourist disguised as a Star Bar in the UK.

7. Flying Buffalo

No not really! But you can be forgiven – just – for thinking buffalo wings come from buffalo bulls! In the American snacks market buffalo wings are in fact chicken wings. For a flavour of these try Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel pieces. Or you could fly in the face of British snacks with Pringles Tangy Buffalo Wings!

8. Something More…

We’ve all heard of S’mores (even the spell check!). But do we really know what they are? For starters S’more is a shortened form of “something more”. Lots of American snacks take the name S’mores. Like Kellogg’s Krave S’mores, Snyder’s S’mores Sweet and Salty Pretzels and Pop Tarts Frosted S’mores. But an actual S’more is something more…

9. More S’mores and Graham Crackers

In the beginning S’mores were camping American snacks. Take some chocolate and marshmallows then sandwich them between two Graham Crackers. Roast over an open campfire until the chocolate melts and the marshmallow is gooey. The first recipe for S’mores was published in 1920 by the Campfire Marshmallow Company. A Graham Cracker, in case you’re wondering, is similar to a Digestive Biscuit.

10. Hot Dogs – But Not As We Know Them

The Corn Dog is basically a German sausage enveloped in cornmeal batter. These American snacks are deep fried. They became popular at state fairs because they were served on sticks. They were therefore easy to eat on the move. Corn Dogs are now considered to be street food.                                                                                                 

11. Tatty Old Leftovers!

While technically a side dish, the Tater Tot sounds too good to be left out! More deep frying is involved for these cylindrical-shaped potato slivers. They were invented at a French fries factory as a way to use up leftover bits of potato. They’ve been a big hit with Americans since the late 1950s. Often replacing fries they can thus be included in American snacks! Many Brits living in America are perplexed that Tater Tots haven’t made it here!

12. Chipotle – NOT Chipolata!

Just a brief mention for chipotle because it is in so many hot American snacks! And actually what is it? Well, Chipotle is smoked dried jalapeños. They can be found in Herrs Jalapeño Poppers. Also in Blair’s Beyond Death Hot Sauce. So there you have it. Chipotle hot off the press!!

13. Not Just Another Tortilla Chip

Ever had a Tostito tortilla chip? These American snacks come in any amount of shapes and flavours! From Scoops to Bite Size, Multigrain to Hint of Lime. And they have their own dips too! Flavours range between Mild Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese (probably with lots of chipotles!). Also Creamy Spinach, Zesty Bean and Smooth Ranch to name but three more.

14. While We’re Talking Chips

Fritos are another American snacks brand of chips. But they’re not tortilla chips, instead they’re made from corn. A bit of a “speciality” is Fritos Pie made with corn chips and chili. But what if you can’t be bothered with pie making? Easy, just open your Fritos, pour in the chili and eat straight from the bag. As filling American snacks go what could be simpler? And no washing up too!!

15. For True American Snacks Think BIG!

Americans have a reputation for big things! American snacks are no exception. Brits are thus seriously missing out on gargantuan American snacks. Massive fruit! Gigantic pancakes! Super sized sandwiches! Americans would happily take a bucket of fried chicken over a snack-sized portion of fish and chips! You name it, the bigger the better!

There you have it, American snacks in a nutshell. Did we mention nuts? Americans love their nuts and grow pretty much every type. So there’s a nutty bonus American snack for you! If any of the above tickle your American tastebuds, just ask Auntie Ammie’s about it. Suggestions are always welcome. Within reason, that is! Requesting a freshly cooked Corn Dog is not a good idea! But remember delivery is free for UK mainland delivery on orders over £50.

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