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Halloween is big in America. Really big!! And the UK is catching up fast. But if you’re looking for real Halloween treats you’ll need a real American candy store. Where you can feast on Halloween sweets! At Auntie Ammie’s American Candy Store you can stock up for trick or treating. Whether welcome witches or pesky phantoms the costumed kids will love your Halloween treats!

Halloween Makeovers

Loads of American candy brands have their very own Halloween makeovers! All on sale seasonally at your actual American candy store!  But what are America’s favourite Halloween sweets?

America’s Favourite Sweets

Well it’s not really that easy to work out! Influentser is a website hosting product reviews. Last year they asked 40,000 Americans to vote for their favourite sweets. The results were broken down by state. Candy Corn won in five states. Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. No other sweets came top in more than two states. Apart from Reese’s which ruled in four. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Indiana and Virginia. So far so good…

Candy Corn Confusion

However, the Huffington Post has Candy Corn as top of its “most hated Halloween treats”! It may just suck because it’s hard candy! But it’s perfect for shaping into little Halloween sweets like witches hats and pumpkins. Candy Corn has been around since the 1880s. It was called Chicken Feed at first. But that was a long time ago and shouldn’t still be putting people off!

M&Ms Halloween Sweets

But Candy Corn can’t be that bad! Candy Corn M&Ms are seasonal Halloween treats. Then again, M&Ms are flavoured, crunchy chocolate candy. Not the apparently much maligned hard candy of the original Candy Corn. But enough about Candy Corn!

More M&Ms Halloween Treats In Store

m&m cookies and screeem at auntie ammie's

The American candy store has more M&Ms Halloween sweets in store for you! You’ll love M&Ms Cookies and Screeem new for 2017! Or spice up your Halloween treats with M&Ms White Pumpkin Pie. A blend of pumpkin spice and white chocolate. Meanwhile milk chocolate M&Ms and Peanut Butter M&Ms are packaged for Halloween sweets. So you can enjoy them in all their seasonal splendour! In case you’re wondering M&Ms are the favourite candy of Michigan and Oklahoma!

Skittle Alley!

No American candy store would be complete without Skittles! Those other little colourful sweets. Although a chewier choice than M&Ms. For Halloween sweets Cauldron Skittles are just the thing! With flavours to make the wickedest witch wince! Petrified Peas?!! Gripping Grape! Twisted Tangerine!? Lurking Lemon!! And best of all Bogey Berry – but pick it from the bag not your nose!! BTW Skittles came top in Arkansas and Nebraska.

Reese’s Peanut Butter-Up to Halloween Treats!

Just like Candy Corn many other everyday candies shape-shift to become Halloween sweets! Take America’s top selling Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So how about Peanut Butter Bats?! The same as cups just shaped like bats! Or try white chocolate Reese’s Ghosts for spooky Halloween treats! But it doesn’t stop there! You might prefer your Reese’s peanut butter in their original cups. Yes, you can get these too! The tops are simply printed with Halloween motifs.

Pucker Up for a Kiss from Hershey’s

Hershey’s have been making milk chocolate bars since 1900. They remain one of the most popular candy brands in the US. Hershey’s Kisses are interesting because they used to be wrapped by hand. Nowadays the wrapping is done by machine at the rate of 1,300 a minute! Presumably this is how Hershey’s Cookies’n’Creme Skulls are also wrapped. Just in time for  scary Halloween treats from the American candy store! Mississippi and Missouri love Hershey’s Kisses making them the most affectionate states!

Don’t be a Butterfingers Eat Them Instead!

For a head to head with skulls look no further! But careful, don’t drop them!! Butterfinger’s Peanut Butter Cups Skull are creepily perfect Halloween sweets! Especially in Idaho and North Carolina where Butterfingers top the charts. They also get the thumbs up from the American candy store!!

Shaping Up for New York State’s SweeTart!

For yet more skulls SweeTarts get the Halloween treats treatment! These colourful, fizzy little round sweets take on a twist for Halloween! Shaped as skulls and bones they are the ideal Halloween sweets for trick and treating! New York voted SweeTarts their favourite sweet and has taken them to its heart!

Is This a Whopper I See Before Me?

Whoppers are another of those controversial Halloween sweets. They topped the poll in Kentucky. Yet are among the “most-hated Halloween treats”! Launched in 1949 they are the 25th most popular sweet in America. So they can’t be all that bad! The closest thing we have are Maltesers. So you decide if Whoppers are great Halloween treats. Or if they should be consigned to the dustbin of Halloween sweets. And to the back of the American candy store!!

Confusing Confections at the American Candy Store!

Now for some of those confusing American candies! Confusing because the names on the wrappers might be the same in the UK. But the Halloween sweets inside aren’t!

Is It or Isn’t It?

If you see a Milky Way in an American candy store, you expect it to be a Milky Way. But it’s not! It’s a Mars Bar! For Halloween treats Milky Way Minis Caramel Apple flavour are a seasonal favourite. And Milky Way is the year round favourite candy in Colorado and Ohio! But never fear! Look for a 3 Musketeers in the American candy store. This is the Milky Way you know and love! Although this will turn into a 3 Muskefears for frightening Halloween sweets!! FYI 3 Musketeers came out top in Delaware and New Mexico.

Don’t Be a Smartie Pants!

Beware of American Smarties! They’re not the same thing at all!! Rather than brightly coloured chocolate beans they are super-sweet and a bit sour?! Also they have an apparently “chalky” texture. Not surprisingly they’re one of the “most-hated Halloween treats”! Nor are they a favourite in any state!

A KitKat is a KitKat Anywhere!

A KitKat, though, is still a KitKat! So no confusion there in the American candy store! But for the Halloween sweets market the KitKat is given a seasonal makeover US style! The Pumpkin Pie KitKat is coated in pumpkin pie flavoured creme. It’s also new for this Halloween. The KitKat is king in Montana!

Be Twix and Between at Halloween!

And a Twix is just a Twix! It’s one of the top 10 best selling American sweets! It’s also a firm favourite among Halloween sweets. So any American candy store will want Twix on its shelves all year round! Especially in Iowa and Washington DC where it was voted their favourite candy. They might even have a Twix machine in the White House?! Or even better their very own American candy store…

Bursting With Flavour!

Starbursts Halloween Mix is exactly that! All the flavours are wrapped in spooky wrappers! Giving them that Halloween treats twist! Starbursts burst up to number one in Maine and Massachusetts! Where they obviously like to get big teeth into something chewy!!

For Pumpkin Heads Everywhere!

The huge popularity of pumpkin flavoured Halloween sweets should be no surprise! Just as M&Ms and KitKat have their variations so do many others. But they’re mostly a bit more grown up! Pumpkin Spice Caramel Ghirardelli Squares have a “luscious filling”. While Godiva Pumpkin Spice Truffles are foil wrapped and filled with creamy pumpkin Grenache. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Heads are also foil wrapped to look like mini pumpkins. But they are in fact peanut butter cups! And organic to boot!

The Shape of Spooky Things to Come or Sweet and Sour Halloween Treats!

They need to look out in New Jersey and North Dakota! The Zombie Sour Patch Kids are coming with their creepy Halloween sweets! But they’ve only got themselves to blame, they voted for Sour Patch kids as their favourite sweet! Meanwhile Jolly Rancher Lollypops are taking on spooky shapes for their Halloween sweets fest! So beware, Nevada, where Jolly Rancher is top of the pops!

One More for the Most-Hated Halloween Treats Controversy

Tootsie Rolls are another of the “most-hated Halloween treats”! But clearly not in New Hampshire where they rolled to the top of the poll! It would seem that Tootsie Rolls have been sold in any American candy store since 1896. At least any American candy store that was around in those days! So Tootsie rolls have a long history! Surely it’s not just the good people of New Hampshire who’ve kept them going?

There are of course many more Halloween sweets and Halloween treats! All to be found at an American candy store. We could tell you about Mike and Ike Sourlicious Zombies. Twizzlers Liquorice Halloween flavours (no not turkey!). Lifesavers Big Ring Halloween Gummies. Dove Caramel and Milk chocolate Witches Mix.

We could also tell you that Nerds came top in Utah. And that Snickers snuck up to first place in Alaska and Illinois.  But as the witching hour approaches time does not permit!

Hopefully, though, you will have got some spooky ideas for Halloween sweets and Halloween treats! Browse Auntie Ammie’s American Candy Store website for more information and creepy inspiration! And don’t forget that UK mainland delivery is free for orders over £50. Happy Halloween!!

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