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American food UK at Auntie Ammie's Canterbury

There is a huge appetite for American foods in the UK! And where better to buy American food UK than at Auntie Ammie’s Candy Shop. Because Auntie Ammie’s is not just a candy shop. You can get many types of American foods here. From American breakfast foods to authentic American burger sauces! American groceries abound at Auntie Ammie’s!

A-Z of US States

From Alabama to Wyoming we have a veritable alphabet of fun facts for American food UK! But not  from actual A-Z! So buckle up for a random stateside ride through American foods. Most of which can be found at Auntie Ammie’s in one guise or another.

Growing Nuts in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina

Alabama is home to the Pecan nut.  Georgia produces over 40% of all American peanuts. And half of these are turned into Peanut Butter. While boiled peanuts are the state snack food of South Carolina?!

Cracking the Nutty Chocolate Market!

Where would any American food store be without Reese’s peanut butter products? Through  peanut butter cups to creamy peanut butter spreads Reese’s has it cracked! And don’t forget Snickers! Auntie Ammie’s has Snickers Crisper and Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. Not to mention limited edition White Chocolate Snickers. And while we’re talking nuts let’s sneak in Snickers Almond for good measure!  For a nutty present give a friend a Peanut Nutter Gift Box.

An Oregon Hazelnut in Every Sip

And let’s not forget hazelnuts! In the USA 99% of all hazelnuts are grown in Oregon. And the hazelnut is Oregon’s state nut! For a taste of these try Nestle Coffee Mate Hazelnut flavour. There’s even a sugar-free version on the American food UK market!

Coffee in Hawaii and Coffee Milk in Rhode Island

Bet you didn’t know that Hawaii is the only US state where coffee beans are grown! Also, that Rhode Island’s state beverage is coffee milk! This is the same as chocolate milk, such as Hershey’s Chocolate Milk. Except that it’s, well, coffee flavoured! For a different coffee flavour try Coffee Mate Irish Creme Coffee Creamer.

Alaskan Blueberry Fields Forever

Well, not sure if they grow in fields! But Blueberries are very popular in the American food UK market. Indeed, they are very popular in America period! Blueberry pie is an official sate food of Maine. But it’s in Alaska where the most nutritious blueberries are grown. Perhaps they love the cold? But who cares, they taste delicious! We can’t leave chilly Alaska, though, without mentioning Baked Alaska. This is an ice-cream filled meringue that looks like a small iceberg.

Ice Cream is Nice in Iowa but Creative in Missouri

In 1994 Le Mars, Iowa earned the title “Ice Cream Capital of the World”. But It was in 1904 in Missouri that the first ice cream cones were seen. These were rolled up waffles used by an ice cream seller when he ran out of cups! Sending ice cream via courier would hardly be practical!  Just imagine the mess on delivery of your American food UK! Therefore Auntie Ammie’s doesn’t offer this.  However, they do have syrupy ice cream and dessert sauces as we will see…

Let’s Hear it for Pancakes, Waffles and Maple Syrup in Vermont

But you don’t have to look further than Auntie Ammie’s for a more reliable American dessert! Aunt Jemima Original Pancake and Waffle Mix is one such. It is available as part of Auntie Ammie’s American food UK stock. To complete this authentic American dessert experience just add Aunt Jemima Original Syrup. For maple syrup head to Vermont. The state that produces more maple syrup than anywhere else in America.

Looking for a ‘Raisin’ to Visit California?

California grows 98% of all eating grapes in America. And dried grapes turn into those famous Californian raisins!!  California is also the biggest state for dairy production. With milk and butter galore! And Americans love their milkshakes and buttery foodstuffs! Try Yoo Hoo for a taste of “delicious chocolate milkshake in a can”.

Want to ‘Orange’ a Trip to Florida?

Meanwhile, down south, Florida leads all the states in orange growing! Check out Pop Tarts Frosted Crush Orange for a taste of the great American breakfast. Or for a chewy candy bar try Airheads Orange. Both available in the American food UK market at Auntie Ammie’s.  And there are lots more orange flavoured products there for you to explore too!

Life is Peachy in Delaware…

Delaware has a long peach farming history. Like Maine, it too has a fruit pie as an official state food. What else could it be but peach?! But for immediate access to peach flavoured goodies try Wonka Nerds Peach and Wildberry!

…and a Bowl of Cherries in Utah and Michigan!

Cherries are so prolific in Utah that the fruit pie has been by-passed as official state food! Thus in Utah the cherry stands alone as the state’s American foods’ icon! Michigan is also a leading producer of cherries. The National Cherry Festival is held here every July. For the American food UK market Auntie Ammie’s has many cherry flavoured products. Wonka Stretchy Laffy Taffy Sparkle Cherry is but one. Dr Pepper cherry flavoured soda is another. Plus any amount of Jelly Belly and Jolly Ranchers candies.

O Oklahoma!

Wonka Nerds Watermelon and Cherry, however, are a bit problematic. At least the watermelon part is! A watermelon is a fruit isn’t it? Well apparently not in Oklahoma! In 2007 they decided it should become the state “vegetable”.  They thought that as watermelons are related to cucumbers they should join their family tree!

Beat Sugar Cravings in Montana

Montana is known for its sugar beet. But while sugar beet is sweet it’s still a vegetable. That all American classic molasses is made from sugar beet. For a taste of molasses at Auntie Ammie’s American food store try Pop Tarts. Their Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon is just one example. Another American breakfast food with molasses is Resse’s Puffs.

Sweet Potatoes in Mississippi and North Carolina

As their name suggests these are another sweet vegetable! They are often prepared with molasses, maple syrup and marshmallows. Vardaman, Mississippi is known as “The Sweet Potato Capital of the World”. However, it is North Carolina that has taken the Sweet Potato as its state vegetable. 

Indiana is Literally Popping with Corn!

Indiana produces millions of bushels of corn every year. Brach’s Candy Corn and Fritos Corn Chips give sweet and savoury choices. Twinkies also contain corn. But popcorn has to be the most iconic corn in the American food UK market! For a twist on classic popcorn pop in a Mike and Ike Buttered Popcorn chewy candy! Popcorn is so big in Indiana there is even a town called Popcorn! The kernel is the heart of the corn which makes it pop!

A Different Colonel in Kentucky

A different kind of colonel is Colonel Sanders! Auntie Ammie’s doesn’t sell Kentucky Fried Chicken of course! But this is a run down of American foods by state. So it would be incomplete without mentioning Kentucky’s famous chicken! It was first sold in 1957. And if it’s chicken you’re after get a tube of Pringles Kickin’ Chicken Taco!

Illinois Does Italy (with a bit of help from West Virginia!)

On the subject of fast American foods let’s head to Chicago, Illinois. This is the home of pizza! No, pizza doesn’t come from Italy. It was invented in Chicago in 1943! For pizza flavoured snacks Combos Pepperoni Pizza Cracker are a cracker! Roll down to West Virginia for a pepperoni roll. This was originally a meal for West Virginian coal miners.

Burgers in Nebraska and Colorado…

A number of American states have an input into that most American of American foods. The beef-burger! For the meaty heart of a burger Nebraska is a good bet! Beef is a multi billion dollar industry here. Meanwhile, the cheeseburger made its first appearance in Colorado in 1935. Cheeseburger Pringles will get your tastebuds going!

… With a Twist in Pennsylvania

The Philly Cheesesteak is also beef and cheese in a bread roll. But the beef is thinly sliced and the bread roll is long!

Daily Bread from Kansas, Minnesota and Also South Dakota

The burger bun and cheesesteak roll will probably be made from Kansas or Minnesota wheat. Both these states abound with wheat fields!  Kansas produces enough wheat every year to make 36 million loaves of bread! That’s enough to keep the world in bread for a fortnight! Minnesota also produces mounds of butter. The perfect partner for its bread! Meanwhile, in South Dakota, the official state bread is Fry Bread. Fry Bread comes from the native Navajo tribe.

Arizona And Arkansas – Two of Your Five a Day (in a Burger)!

Yuma County, Arizona has a super-sunny climate! This means that lettuces grow throughout the winter! So while other states shiver Yuma keeps them supplied with yummy summer salad! Just right for year round burgers. All you need now is a tomato!  Arkansas boasts the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato as its state fruit and vegetable.

But Ohio Does Tomatoes Too!

Reynoldsburg Ohio is credited as being “the birth place of the tomato” back in 1870. Today the Heinz plant in Fremont, Ohio leads the world in tomato ketchup production. Although this appears to be a coincidence! That said, tomato juice is the official state drink. So now you’ve got your tomato ketchup. To top it all off just add Nabisco Easy Cheese Classic American Flavour. Or, put simply, squirty cheese in a can – it couldn’t be easier!

French Fries in Idaho become Potato Chips in New York State!

What’s missing? Oh, yes French fries! Idaho is the biggest potato growing state. So no need to look further for these! Potato chips, though, were invented in 1850’s New York. This was because a diner complained about his thick fries. The disgruntled chef had another go. He sliced the potatoes so thinly this time that they crisped up on cooking! For 21st Century American food UK we have Lays Stax Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

Feeling Hungry in New Jersey? Fancy a blow out in Nevada?

No problem – as long as you’re not looking for haute cuisine! There are an estimated 525 diners in New Jersey. This means you can eat American foods in a different diner every day of the year!  And well into the next year too! Over in Nevada you can dine to your heart’s content. Las Vegas is known for its as-much-as you-can-eat buffets. Although you’ll need a new jersey once you’ve taken advantage of these!

East Coast Seafood Platter and South Coast Jambalaya

Maine lobster, Maryland blue crabs, Massachusetts clam chowder and Virginian oysters are just for starters! Dip down into Louisiana and you’ll find the local French influenced Cajun cuisine. This is also seafood based with delicately spiced vegetables and rice. A meatier Louisiana dish is Jambalaya. These American foods are obviously not available at Auntie Ammie’s. However, sauces to accompany these dishes are. Blair’s Original Death Sauce and Beyond Death Hot Sauce are perfect with all these American foods!

Connecticut Connections

Like it’s East Coast neighbouring states Connecticut is a big producer of fish and shellfish. However, we couldn’t resist the place of the lolly pop in the history of American foods. The lolly pop was dreamt up in 1908 in New Haven, Connecticut by George Smith. But having created his sweet on a stick he had no name for it. Now Mr Smith was a great horse race goer. And it was at the races that he saw a horse named Lolly Pop. The rest, as they say, is history! 

Spice Up Your Life in New Mexico and Texas

The chile pepper is the state vegetable of New Mexico. While beef chilli originated in neighbouring Texas where there’s also lots of cattle! Don’t be confused by the different spellings of ‘chile’ and ‘chilli’. Chile comes from the original Spanish and chilli is the Americanised version. Jalapeño peppers are also members of the chile family. Try Pringles Chile con Queso (cheese). And for extra spice Herrs Jalapeno Poppers (cheddar cheese and chile flavoured puffed corn snacks).

North Dakota Farm

And North Dakota is really just one great big farm! It is the largest producer of cereal grains in the United States. These include barley, oats and durum wheat. Just think of all those cereals made for the American breakfast! Durum wheat is also known as ‘macaroni wheat’. Auntie Ammie’s highly recommends Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Roamin’ in Wyoming

Like North Dakota, Wyoming is overwhelmingly rural. Wheat, barley and sugar beets are important to the economy. But beef is by far the most important source of revenue here. And therefore Wisconsin’s largest contribution to American foods. Savour the Wild West withTGI Fridays Buffalo Ranch Party Bites! While Jack Links Beef Jerkey Original roam the American food UK market!

Everything You Need for Halloween in New Hampshire and the State of Washington

New Hampshire is a major producer of white potatoes, But pumpkins are what keep it pumping! So much so that the pumpkin is New Hampshire’s state vegetable. Meanwhile in Washington State we have apples and hops. Just two of the crops that contribute towards its multi billion dollar agricultural wealth. No wonder the apple is Washington’s state fruit!

By the Light of the Tennessee Moon Pie

Ever wondered what a moon pie is? Well it’s basically a cookie.  Made from two graham crackers with a marshmallow sandwiched in the middle. It is then dipped in chocolate. They were created in Chattanooga Bakery. Hence the name Chattanooga Moon Pie Chocolate. Available for the American food UK market at Auntie Ammie’s.

Wisconsin the Big Cheese!

Wisconsin is big in dairy! It’s second in milk production after California. It also produces about a quarter of all butter for the American foods market. Wisconsin, though, is particularly known for its cheeses. It has over 600 different varieties.  And it accounts for around a quarter of all cheese production in the USA. For a “dangerously cheesey” flavoured snack grab a bag of Cheetos Crunchy!

We hope y’all have enjoyed these fun facts for American food UK! All you need do now is check out Auntie Ammie’s website! Here you’ll find all the American food UK products described above. Plus much, much more! Don’t forget UK mainland delivery is free for orders over £50.

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