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American Food UK: American Cereals for the Great American Breakfast

American food UK at Auntie Ammie's Candy Shop

This rather excellent graphic of the most Googled American cereals in every state was posted to mark National Cereal Day in America and to celebrate American cereals in general.

american food uk at Auntie Ammie's Candy Shop Canterbury Kent

Most Popular American Cereals

Just a quick glance shows that Kellogg’s Special K (in 16 states) comes out as the most Googled American breakfast cereal. In fact Kellogg’s American cereals are overwhelmingly the most searched for, accounting for nearly half of all American cereals Googled stateside.

American Food UK

The vast majority of these are widely available on supermarket shelves in the UK, but others, not on the most Googled list, are equally popular in America and available here in specialist American food UK stores, such as Auntie Ammie’s Candy Shop in Canterbury, Kent.

Auntie Ammie’s Candy Shop, Canterbury

Family run since 1986, Auntie Ammie’s was a “quintessential British newsagents” selling what you would expect such an establishment to sell. However, the introduction of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to the newsagents’ confectionary selection in 2013 has led to something much more quintessentially American.

New World

While Auntie Ammie’s retains the usual Newsagents’ merchandise, a new world awaits the unsuspecting customer as they walk through the door; and something you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in Canterbury. A veritable feast of over 500 American products is displayed before your very eyes, including confectionary, groceries and just about everything you could dream of to enjoy a classic American breakfast.

The Great American Breakfast

As the graphic shows, from Alaska to Florida, New York to California the great American breakfast would be incomplete without American cereals. Another staple of the American breakfast, though, is Pancakes, and Jelly Belly Pancakes with Maple Syrup are a popular part of the American breakfast, while Aunt Jemima’s Original Syrup or Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup can be bought separately to pour over any American food UK-side. Likewise a range of spreads is available such as Reese’s peanut butter spreads, or you might be tempted by Durkee Fluff Strawberry, a strawberry flavoured marshmallow spread. There is also a wide range of Pop Tarts to supplement the American cereals.

From Apple Jacks to Lucky Charms

Whatever your American cereals preference from Apple Jacks – wholegrain hoops flavoured with apple and cinnamon, to Lucky Charms, a combination of toasted oats with colourful rainbow marshmallows (also available in handy cups) it is all at Auntie Ammie’s Candy Store.


With thanks to Business Insider for the graphic.

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