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Independence Day Food from Auntie Ammie's American Candy Shop UK

There cannot be a better theme to launch Auntie Ammie’s blog than Independence Day!  Although the deep historic meaning of the 4th of July celebrations is that our Atlantic neighbours to rejoice in their declaration that effectively kicked the British off American soil, we must only reflect on the benefits it has given us Limeys.

The first would be that had the British continued to govern and dominate the laws, they would have, no doubt, restricted the experimentation and creations with sugar, colours and flavours that would have resulted in humdrum, drab and lifeless confectionery!  The United States of America have thankfully ignited Auntie Ammie’s purple wave of Cadbury’s display of chocolates with a firecracker of M&M’s variety, tangy Wonka candy and a breakfast bowl full of sweet joy!  So God bless America for having the courage to supremely rule their land and e-numbers!!!

Just look at what you can do when red and blue are allowed to adorn a white fudge covered pretzel (available in our store!!!!).


The other benefit I must announce is that the same courage will be embraced today in what Auntie Ammie’s calls “Independents’ Day”.  Where the Americans encourage a retail philosophy of biggest is best, here in Britain we are a nation of small street networks with a family business on its corner.  In our second generation we, at Auntie Ammie’s work tirelessly to serve our local community and to provide complete customer satisfaction with a personal touch that no large chain store can ever replicate.  So I urge you all to walk through your high street dominant coffee shops and fast food restaurants, titanic supermarkets and venture in to a world of passionate, self-governing shopkeepers and small business owners that keep the Spirit of independents alive and help to replenish the nations pockets by spending in the local places rather than filling the overindulgent corporate banks.  Thank you!



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