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Japanese candy and Japanese soda from Auntie Ammie's

Searching for Japanese Candy and Soda in the UK?

Many American candies are now widely available in the UK. Specialist shops like Auntie Ammie’s, however, stock a huge range that can’t be found on the high street. Japanese candy, on the other hand, is a whole new experience! You’ll be amazed by what Auntie Ammie’s has in store for you!

Magical History Tour

Challenge your tastebuds as we take a magical history tour through Japanese Candy. And Japanese candy does have a long history. It dates back as far as the early 1600s.

Oriental Origins

The sort of Japanese candy available here, though, is a far cry from its oriental origins. There is a reason for this. While traditional Japanese candy, such as Yatsuhashi, remains popular in Japan, it isn’t to Western tastes. This is because it’s made from rice flour with a filling of ground sweet beans. Sweet potato is another ingredient used in Japanese candy, as is seaweed. Enough said perhaps! Although seaweed, at least, is ultra-healthy and low in calories. Now you can’t say that about many candies!!

Pocket Money Candy

It all began, though, in 1603 with “dagashi” which literally means “negligible snacks”. They were cheap small candies made from starch or corn. Modern dagashi were developed after the Second World War to cater for 20th Century Japanese candy tastes. Individually wrapped in colourful packaging, dagashi is the equivalent of our penny sweets. Dagashi shops, or “dagashiyas”, were at their most popular from the 1950s to the 1980s. After school, children would dash to their local dagashiya. Here they would meet their friends and eke out their meagre pocket money on dagashi. But as with our own corner sweet shops dagashiyas are dwindling as convenience stores take over.

Sweet Tooth

Wealthier children could buy a higher quality of dagashi. Known as “jogashi” these candies are made from white sugar. Thus the common belief that Japanese people don’t have a sweet tooth is a myth! Modern Japanese candy confirms this.

Japanese Innovation

Japan, land of the rising candy where anything goes! Japanese innovation is well known and Japanese candy is no exception. Watapachi Grape Popping Candy Floss does exactly what it says! It looks and tastes like grape-flavoured candy floss. But then it bursts into life, crackling and popping in your mouth!

DIY Japanese Candy Kits

Lots of Japanese candy comes in the form of DIY kits. So these candies offer more than just a quick sugar hit. The sweet satisfaction of creating your own candy is a hit in itself! Some are weirder than others…

Candy Meets Soda

Take Moko Moko Mokoletto Japanese candy. Inspired by something everybody does several times a day, this is better known as Toilet Candy! But don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it from the toilet. Well, actually, you do!! Simply assemble the little plastic toilet, pour in the powdered soda, add water and allow to bubble! Then drink to your heart’s content!! But you don’t have to make your own candy soda. As the name suggests, Little Bobdog Sour Soda Candy Sticks are the perfect option! Especially if you prefer something to suck on!!

DIY Candy Meals

Probably the best known of all Japanese candy DIY kits is “Popin’ Cookin’ “. Developed by Kracie these kits form a series of “meals”. While there is a big variety of DIY candy kits, Sushi and Bento are among the most popular. By just adding water to the candy powders provided, creativity is at your fingertips! Let your imagination run riot by moulding the resulting paste into mini sushi or bento candy treats. Children of all ages will have hours of fun!! But it doesn’t end there! Impress family and friends with your artistic talent by decorating the candies. The only problem is they will look too good to eat!!

More Familiar Japanese Candy

Other Japanese candy is more familiar to us. Nevertheless, the flavours and textures can give our tastebuds a bit of a workout! Similar to Starbursts, Hi Chews really are “sensationally chewy”. As well as strawberry they come in mango, apple and grape flavours. Mango Pocky is a mango flavoured biscuit stick. Meanwhile, Glico Strawberry Caplico Minis are strawberry flavoured confectionary in a wafer cone. And now we come to KitKats!!

KitKats But Not As We Know Them

KitKats are considered a treat in Japan. Consequently they are a popular gift. And did you know that there are over 200 KitKat flavours in Japan?!? They are not all on sale all the time though. For instance, Pumpkin Pudding flavour is produced for Halloween. But if regular Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry seem exotic to us, you ain’t heard nothing yet!! How about Edamame, Sweet Potato and Hot Chilli flavoured KitKats?! If not exactly one of your 5 a day, they at least sound healthy! But why stop there? You could have a KitKat meal with Baked Potato flavour followed by Blueberry Cheesecake! Usually enveloped in white chocolate, these mini KitKats provide something for every tastebud!


The Japanese make delicious chocolate themselves, often with rice crisps or nuts inside. But they do also have Snickers, Milky Ways and Mars. Being more health conscious, however, it is rare to find kingsized varieties in Japan. Nonetheless, there is a rumour that you can get chocolate-coated Japanese crisps!

Marble Soda

But sweet-toothed Japanese innovation doesn’t stop with Japanese candy. Japanese soda is also a must try! Hatakosen Blueberry flavoured lemonade is very popular, while Bin Ramune Lemonade Soda comes in a nifty bottle! Instantly recognisable, Ramune glass bottles are sealed with a marble. This is secured by the pressure of the carbonation. You open the bottle with a special tool to push the marble into the neck. When drinking the soda the marble rattles around in the bottle neck – hence the name marble soda!

Give It a Whirl

So be adventurous! Satisfy your newly acquired taste for unusual Japanese candy and soda flavours! Give Sangaria Grape Ramune Soda and Melon flavoured soda a whirl too! Or chew it over with a piece of Lotte Blueberry bubble gum bursting with flavour!!

Not all these products are stocked by Auntie Ammie’s. But if your tastebuds have been tickled by this adventurer’s guide please get in touch. We welcome suggestions and will do our best to source your requests. Don’t forget UK mainland delivery is next day and free for orders over £50.

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